Science from Away: Several Short Science Stories

  A fundamental mechanism by which cells in our bodies and that of other creatures, large and small, get rid of damaged components is called autophage, which translates to “self-eating.” A membrane forms a lysosome, which could be seen as a container, which takes up damaged cell components and degrades them to relieve the cell [...]

Science from Away: Science in Short Bursts

  Here are two insights into Albert Einstein who was able to explain the theoretical source of what we call gravity, which he published 100 years ago. According to Einstein’s theory, the reason why stepping off a roof is dangerous has to do with a warp in space and time. Even though I, among many [...]

Science from Away: Single Sentence Science Stories

    Research from the United Kingdom revealed that watching someone scratch an itch fires up itch related areas of the observer’s brain, a contagious itch, which the researchers claim is more associated with neurotic than empathic characteristics. As discovered by a team of Chinese and Australian researchers, a horrible looking eight inch long creepy [...]

Science from Away: Fountain of Youth?

  Paul Bert, who died in 1886 in Hanoi at the age of 53, was a Frenchman who wore many hats, varying from politician to scientist. He is best known for his understanding of life at both high pressure – he understood the malady that beset a person returning too quickly from the depths of [...]

Science from Away – We may be losing the war against disease causing bacteria.

On October 26, 2007 with the largest possible bold headline and a picture of a sweet-looking twelve year old boy, the New York Post informed its readers that: Superbug Kills NYC Kid. The story began right on the front page using words like “drug resistant” and “MRSA staph infection.” Seven years later, on December 4, 2014 the [...]