Science from Away: Point of View Applicable to Paris?

  What follows is adapted from a column in this series, directed to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, written in the fall of 2005. Increasingly, more and more Americans are seeing what people outside of the United States, and many within the country, saw early on, the absence of wisdom in the people who [...]

Science from Away: In Life and Out of Life

  I’m old enough to remember cars that knocked, especially when too much was asked of the engine, as when accelerating up a hill in too high a gear. In an internal combustion engine, the fuel air mixture in the cylinder is supposed to ignite when the spark plug fires and the fuel air mixture [...]

Science from Away: A Science Story

  In 1936, as tensions leading to the second war were ratcheting up, a small company located in Philadelphia, Rohm and Haas, that had been started by a German chemist, learned that something new was afoot at the parent company in Germany, Rohm AG – some new kind of plastic, later to be called Plexiglas [...]

Science from Away: The Forgotten Organ

By Mark M Green ( Prokaryotes have been called “The Unseen Majority.” These microscopic organisms constitute 60-100% of the estimated total carbon in all plants on earth. Bacteria are prokaryotes, which are found in all places, from the atmosphere to the polar-regions to the soil of the earth to the deepest oceans and in all [...]

Science from Away: Short Stories about Serotonin and More

  Simon N. Young began teaching at McGill University in Montreal, Canada in the early 1970s and went on to become Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Psychiatry and Neuroscience and sitting on committees, which decided who gets money to do what research – a professor of considerable influence. Just about when Dr. Young began his [...]