Science from Away: Block Zika with a Plant and a Pot of Water

  Robert L. Metcalf (1916-1998), one of the most influential entomologists of the 20th century, was one of the first to recognize the danger of synthetic pesticides and the growing potential for insect resistance against these unnatural methods of insect control. And this was at a time of enormous enthusiasm for the new chemical based [...]

Science from Away: Some Interesting Stuff

  The Kepler Space Telescope has added a new planet with life supporting temperatures to the two thousand three hundred and twenty five planets already known. The new one is 2.4 times the size of earth and only 600 light years away from earth. Not likely a neighbor we’ll be in touch with anytime soon [...]

Science from Away: Transgender, the Facts

  Very few of us are free from some degree of discomfort in the presence of those who occupy the world in a manner different from ourselves. It’s not unreasonable to see that understanding the “other” is a path to greater acceptance and alleviation of that discomfort. Lately there has been considerable attention to an [...]

Science from Away: Carbon – The source of climate change

  About eleven years ago an article appeared in this column with the title coal. It seems that with all the focus on climate change and the role of coal in excessive production of carbon dioxide, the prime contributor to climate change, that an edited version of that article would be of use. Here it [...]

Science from Away: Recently Read Science

  I have two children who are millennials, born between 1980 and 2000. One is a vegetarian and the other a vegan, attitudes toward eating that I considered strange until I read that the food-consulting-firm Mintel informs us that 13% of millennials ascribe to these eating categories and are getting their protein increasingly from soy. [...]